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Matura – Struktury leksykalno-gramatyczne – Test luk

Przeczytaj tekst, a następnie uzupełnij każdą lukę jednym wyrazem, tak aby otrzymać logiczną i poprawnie gramatyczną całość. Po wypełnieniu luk kliknij przycisk Sprawdź. Słowa wpisane poprawnie zostaną zaznaczone na zielono, słowa wpisane błędnie zostaną poprawione i zaznaczone na czerwono.

Overcoming post-holiday debt

Post-holiday debt is a daunting and terribly common mountain many us will face this year. It is true that avoiding debt is the best way to deal debt, but too many will be past the point where that advice will be useful. If you are already facing the New Year with financial trepidation, you aren’t alone, but you don’t need to despair. Getting yourself out of the red (you’ll be sick of that colour by now anyway) is a matter of screwing on the head and tightening the . You’ll need commitment and resolve if you’ve a spendaholic, but make the decision to follow the tips below and you’ll be in the black sooner you think.

How to avoid clutter in your house

Before you begin, sure you have a clear idea of what clutter is annoying you most. My personal clutter bug is paper, but books lying on tables I can live with. Decide you need to sort out specifically, rather looking at “all this clutter” and getting overwhelmed in the starter’s blocks. These suggestions will help you attack the clutter invading your space. Don’t bring in more. If your clutter comes from something collectibles, clothes, or shoes, don’t allow to buy any more until you’ve made room.

A local’s guide to Edinburgh

Ask any Edinburgh local to recommend a good pub, restaurant, or cinema, and he happily tell you all the top spots within a half-mile radius of his front door. Edinburgh is a city of small communities within a large municipal boundary, and most of our residents identify strongly neighbourhoods first, the city second.

for me, I’m a West End girl, within a ten minute walk from Princes Street and all the sites and attractions that are classically Edinburgh. This guide will take you to all the best eateries, watering holes, and activities in the city centre and immediate surrounds. I would strongly suggest any visitor, or newly relocated resident, buy an Edinburgh map book to navigate the streets foot. Don’t be shy about consulting a map. No one will an eyebrow.

Why are footballs called pigskins

Why are footballs called pigskins? This is the sort of question that if I asked my father when I was small, he have come up with a whopper of a tall tale. He’d said something like this:

Back in the old days when everyone was poor, kids on the farm had to make their own fun. They didn’t have toys, television, or even radio. So they had to find fun where they could. One day a young lad carrying a piglet tripped, and the piglet flew of his hands, high into the air. Luckily, his brother was there catch the young pig. They laughed so hard out of relief, but decided this could actually be fun. So they began playing catch with the piglet. For his part in things, the piglet squealed delight, smiling the whole time.

Afraid of the dark

For years, I slept with a light on. A friend of my mother’s asked her if I ever slept, as every time she drove past our house matter the hour, she could see the light on in my room. Since I was about 15 when she asked this, embarrassment led me to try to overcome my fear.

My imagination always been a bit wild. I didn’t even have to watch a scary movie, just see the trailer, and I lie awake terrifying myself with imaginary killers, ghosts, psychopaths, and monsters. I would try to sleep in the dark, but as as I began to think about what might be lurking there, I’d shakily reach the lamp switch. Is there anything scarier than reaching your arm out into the dark? Probably there is, but not when you are picturing, feeling, something grab that arm.

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