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Matura – Wypowiedź ustna – Zadanie 3 – Odpowiedzi na pytania do materiału stymulującego

Pytania pojawiające się w zadaniu 3-cim są najtrudniejszą częścią dla zdającego egzamin ustny, ponieważ stopień trudności tych pytań jest nieco wyższy, gdyż odnoszą się do problemów, których nie da się podsumować jednym zdaniem. Odnoszą się one do tematyki przedstawionej na elementach do wyboru i odrzucenia, ale wymagają rozwinięcia i uzasadnienia wypowiedzi.

What do you think should be done to reduce traffic jams in cities?

There is no one easy solution to this problem. However, there’s something that could be done to reduce traffic jams. There should be a ban on cars in the city centre, at least on certain days. Another thing could be improving public transport so that it would be worth changing travelling by car for travelling by bus. Public transport should definitely be much cheaper.

solution to/of the problem – rozwiązanie problemu
a ban on – zakaz
at least – przynajmniej
worth doing sth – warte zrobienia czegoś

Why do so many young people go abroad to find a job?

Young people go abroad to find a much better-paid job. It’s sometimes a lot more profitable, because they get much more money for the same amount of work. They can spend part of it for learning a language or going sightseeing. In this way they take a full advantage of their lives. They gain not only money, but, also, visit amazing places, meet interesting people as well as learn a language more efficiently.

go abroad – wyjechać za granicę
better-paid job – lepiej płatna praca
profitable – opłacalne
spare sth for sth – poświęcić coś na coś
take an advantage of – skorzystać na czymś, wykorzystać coś
more efficiently – bardziej skutecznie

Do you think environmental problems are important for young people? (Why? / Why not? / Why do you think so?)

Not really. Most young people are interested in enjoying their lives only. Of course, they are taught about the significance of caring for the environment. Yet, they prefer to stay at home and play computer games instead. Perhaps not all of them. There are also those who are aware of environmental problems, but in my view, they are in a minority.

not really – niezupełnie, właściwie to nie
the importance of – ważność, istotność
yet – mimo to, jednak
instead – zamiast tego
be in minority – być w mniejszości

What is more important a happy family or a successful career? Why?

It’s hard to say. Basically it’s up to a person. Some people consider their families the most important thing in life, but some other people may have quite the opposite viewpoint. To me, a successful career is more important, because if I am successful, I will have the means to help my family. In this way we will all be happy. Life without money, especially when you can’t afford too many things, is rather miserable.

it’s hard to say – trudno powiedzieć
basically – w zasadzie
be up to sb – zależeć od kogoś
consider – uważać
viewpoint – punkt widzenia
to me – dla mnie (moim zdaniem)
miserable – nieszczęśliwe

What kind of accommodation is perfect for a student? (Why do you think this is?)

In my personal opinion, the best accommodation for a student is a dormitory. It is both cheap and comfortable. Of course if you share your room with just one person – you can make friends with that person. You can also meet many more new friends in a dormitory who are also students than while living in lodgings. It’s much more fun to live in a dormitory as a student.

a dormitory – akademik
live in lodgings – mieszkać na stancji

Do you think e-books are better than traditional books? (Why? / Why not?)

I am not quite convinced to use e-books. They can be comfortable to operate. They don’t require too much space and it’s possible to read them on your mobile as well. However, it’s a pleasure to read a traditional book, keep it in your hands, sense the smell of it. For some people, also for me, traditional books are better to read as well as to have them on the shelf.

be quite convinced – być całkiem przekonany
operate – posługiwać się

Travelling broadens the mind. Do you agree with? (Why? / Why not?)

Travelling definitely broadens the mind. This is because you can visit various places which are sometimes so much different from our culture. You learn lots of new facts and details about our diverse world. Some people say that the Internet gives you the same opportunity to learn about the world. But the world you see on the Internet is an absolutely incomparable experience to the world you may experience in person.

various – różny, różnorodny
different – różny, inny
diverse – zróżnicowany, urozmaicony
opportunity – okazja, sposobność
incomparable – nieporównwalny
experience – (n) doświadczenie, (v) doświadczać

Why do young people commit crimes?

In my view, the main reason behind it is poverty. Young people need money and in case they have no chance to earn it legally, they decide to choose a much easier way – stealing. Sometimes they commit crime, because they are addicted to drugs. Somebody might tell them to do it if they want to get a fix.

the reason behind – przyczyna (czegoś)
poverty – bieda, ubóstwo
be addicted to – być uzależnionym od
get a fix – (informal) dać sobie w żyłę

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