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Gramatyka: Imiesłowy - ćwiczenia

Oprac. Tomasz Makaruk

Jakie formy powinny zastąpić czasowniki podane w nawiasach? Kliknij czasownik, aby zobaczyć poprawną odpowiedź.

Present Gerund (-ing) or Infinitive (to do):

  1. I can’t wait (see) you at the party.
  2. I don’t mind (go) there tonight.
  3. She agreed (help) us with the work.
  4. I don’t feel like (watch) any film tonight.
  5. I gave up (smoke) last month.
  6. I happened (meet) Mike an hour ago.
  7. He suggested (play) a game of chess.
  8. I asked her (come) to my office.
  9. She refused (correct) her mistakes.
  10. He wanted (get) his money back.
  11. They wasted their time (chat) on Facebook.
  12. I decided (go) home.

Present or Past Participle (-ing or -ed/III):

  1. She watched a (rise) sun from the balcony.
  2. Have you read the book (entitle) “Cloud Atlas”?
  3. (hear) the news, all the reporters started to call their editors.
  4. I saw them (pick) strawberries in the field.
  5. We rarely see such things (do) in public.
  6. (stop) at the shopping mall, we decided to drink some coffee.
  7. I want it (copy) twice.
  8. (try) to solve the problem, he got tired.
  9. (be) angry with us, she didn’t want to come to the party.
  10. I was standing at the bus stop (wait) for the bus to arrive.
  11. None of the films was (see) so many times as “Titanic”.
  12. The watch (buy) by my girlfriend was really expensive.

Present Participle / Gerund or Perfect Participle / Gerund:

  1. (finish) his work, he went for a walk.
  2. I admit (be) in love with her back at high school.
  3. She denied (steal) the documents from the office.
  4. (find) a hotel, we looked for a place to have dinner.
  5. I was dismissed for (not complete) the requirements.
  6. (watch) birds flying is very relaxing.
  7. I don’t remember (be) in that house.
  8. (fail) twice, he didn’t want to try again.
  9. A (fail) eyesight forced him to see an optician.
  10. (watch) the film twice before, he refused to see it again.
  11. She enjoys (listen) to music.
  12. She is pleased with (not come) to the meeting.

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