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Słuchaj i ucz się – S-15. Being Perfect

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Voice 1


Hello. I'm Marina Santee.


Voice 2


And I'm Elizabeth Lickiss. Welcome to Spotlight. This programme uses a special English method of broadcasting. It is easier for people to understand, no matter where in the world they live.


Song: (It's Got To Be) Perfect


It has got to be perfect.
It has got to be worth it
Too many people take second best
Well, I will not take anything less
It has got to be perfect.

perfect - doskonały, perfekcyjny

worth it - warty tego

second best - drugi co do jakości

Voice 1


'Perfect' - a song from 1988 sung by 'Fairground Attraction'. The group sings of relationships and of mistakes in the past. And they sing that this new relationship will be perfect! Today we look at being perfect! And we ask the question - can anything be too perfect?

relationship - związek

Voice 2


Mrs Smith returned from work. Her husband met her at the door. He kissed her. She could hear running water upstairs. Ah, Mr Smith had remembered that she felt tired when she came home. So, he was preparing a nice hot bath. Mrs Smith went upstairs to rest in the hot water. The children were in bed asleep. The house was clean. Mr Smith prepared a lovely dinner. They sat down to eat together. Her husband told her how beautiful she looked. Mrs Smith looked at her husband with a happy smile. Then, she turned her head - and woke up. It was of course, a dream.

return - wracać

running water - lejąca się woda

upstairs - na górze, na piętrze

bath - kąpiel

rest - odpocząć

were asleep - spały

turn - odwrócić, przekręcić

wake (woke, woken) up - obudzić się

Voice 1


Many of us dream about perfection. To be perfect is to be without any failings! We may dream of the perfect ideal job. We may dream of living in a beautiful new house. We may desire a perfect body. Or, we may dream of having a perfect husband or wife. Most of us know that being perfect is not really possible. But some people find this harder to accept than others. We call such people 'perfectionists'.

perfection - doskonałość, perfekcja

failing - wada; słabość

desire - pragnąć, pożądać

accept - zaakceptować

call - nazywać

perfectionist - perfekcjonista

Voice 2


English uses the word 'perfectionist' in two ways - one good, one bad. We call some sports people 'perfectionists.' They work hard for the best possible result. They try to perform perfectly in a competition. People say that artist Michelangelo was a perfectionist. Maybe this quality helped him create some of his masterpieces, his beautiful art. And we depend on some perfectionist's high expectations! For example, we would want a heart doctor to perform perfectly on our hearts. A small mistake could result in death! These kinds of perfectionists have high expectations. They aim to succeed in life. But mostly, they know their limits. Many of us would like some of the qualities from this kind of perfectionist!

perform - spisywać się, wypadać

competition - zawody, rywalizacja

quality - cecha

masterpiece - arcydzieło

art - sztuka

depend on - zależeć od; polegać na

expectations - oczekiwania

perform - wykonywać

result in - kończyć się czymś

aim - dążyć

succeed - odnieść sukces

mostly - przeważnie

limit - granica, limit

Voice 1


But the other kind of perfectionist describes someone with a real problem. We may call them 'extreme perfectionists.' These kinds of perfectionists cannot accept any kind of mistakes. They set impossible goals for themselves. And, they can feel useless when they do not meet these goals. Doctor Rachel Naomi Remen was one of these people. She is now a 'recovering perfectionist.' She said that she was never satisfied with what she did. It was just never good enough! Her expectations for herself and others were just too high. She said,

describe - opisywać

extreme - ekstremalny

set impossible goals - wyznaczać niemożliwe do osiągnięcia cele

useless - beznadziejny; nieprzydatny

meet a goal - osiągnąć cel

recovering - zdrowiejący

Voice 3


'I am a recovering perfectionist. Before I began recovering, whatever I did was never good enough. It was the same for people around me. I sat in judgment on life itself. Perfectionism is the belief that life is broken.'

sit in judgment on - oceniać

Voice 2


Doctor Paul Hewitt works at the University of British Columbia in Canada. He has studied perfectionism. He says that there are different kinds. Self-perfectionism is the kind that people usually think of. This is when a person requires him or herself to be perfect. Another kind is when the perfectionist expects other people to be perfect. A third kind relates to social conditions. The perfectionist believes that other people require him or her to be perfect. And there is a fourth kind. This is when a person feels the need to appear perfect to others.

require - wymagać

expect - oczekiwać

social conditions - uwarunkowania społeczne

Voice 1


These beliefs put great pressure on the perfectionist. An extreme perfectionist will never reach his own high expectations. His best will never be good enough. And this can lead to a lifetime of felt failures. A perfectionist may feel unworthy for life.

pressure - presja, nacisk

lead to - prowadzić do

lifetime - życie, okres życia

failure - niepowodzenie, porażka; nieudacznik, ofiara

unworthy - niegodny

Voice 2


But there is some good news, says Rachel Naomi Remen. She has studied the health of the mind and the body for many years. She says that no one is born a perfectionist. So, this means that recovery is possible! She is a 'perfect' example!

recovery - wyzdrowienie, powrót do zdrowia

Voice 1


Like many things, change begins in the mind. The University of Illinois, in the United States, suggests some methods to help change thinking. It gives this advice for the extreme perfectionist:


Voice 4


First, understand that extreme perfectionism is not desirable! It is not possible to be perfect!

desirable - pożądany

Voice 3


Set goals that are possible!


Voice 4


Understand that the world will continue, even if you are not perfect! Everything will not just end because you make one mistake.


Voice 3


Think about the process, not just the end result!


Voice 4


When you feel worried and depressed, ask yourself this: Have I created impossible goals and expectations for myself in this situation?

worried - zmartwiony

depressed - przygnębiony

Voice 3


Ask yourself, 'What is the worst thing that could happen?'


Voice 4


Think of a recent mistake you have made. List all the things you can learn from it.

recent - ostatni, niedawny

list - zrobić listę

Voice 1


Finally, the university says,


Voice 3


Try these suggestions. You will see that perfectionism is not a necessary influence in your life. There are other ways to think that are more helpful. You are more likely to succeed without your perfectionism. And you will feel better about yourself in the process.


Voice 2


Looking at life in a more real way does not mean that you have to stop trying your best! It simply means accepting what your best is. It is possible to have high expectations. It is possible to work to your best ability. And it is possible to accept yourself at the same time!

mean - znaczyć, oznaczać

try best - bardzo się starać

to your best ability - najlepiej jak potrafisz

at the same time - w tym samym czasie, jednocześnie

Voice 1


Cindy Russell is another recovering perfectionist. She knows that a healthy balance is important. She says,

healthy balance - zdrowa równowaga

Voice 4


'God wants us to work towards perfection. He understands when we are not perfect. There is forgiveness'.

forgiveness - przebaczenie

Voice 2


In most people's minds God is perfect. This makes us wonder how people can ever connect with God! Many religions encourage people to try to be perfect - to get closer to God. Christian belief is different. When someone becomes a Christian they accept that they will never be perfect! Their connection with God is through Jesus Christ, who is perfect. They believe that his life and death brings them forgiveness. This makes them acceptable to God. They become perfect in His eyes through Jesus Christ.

connect - połączyć się

Voice 2


The writer of today's programme was Marina Santee. The voices you heard were from the United Kingdom and the United States. Computer users can hear our programmes, read our scripts and see our wordlist on our website at This programme is called, 'Being Perfect.'


Voice 1


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