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When I (learn) how to drive at the age of sixteen, my parents (buy) me my first car. It was a silver Nissan Sentra and only two years old. I (practise) every day for 2 months, so when I (take) the driving test, I (pass) on my first try. At that time, since I was the first of my friends to get my driving licence, I (always drive) them to school, the shopping centre and each other’s houses. Being sixteen with a car was the happiest time of my life. I finally (have) freedom and it felt good.

I (drive) my Nissan Sentra for eleven years before I (buy) a new car. I always (say) that I should save money for a new car but I never did. I (love) that car. It was there when I turned sixteen, it was there when I went off to college and started a new life and it was there when I (finish) school and (start) my new job. I (need) that car and part of me thought, it (need) me.

Several months ago, I (decide) it was time to get serious and buy a new car. I (search) the ads when I (find) an amazing deal. It (be) a compact SUV for a very reasonable price. I (ask) my dad for his advice before I (call) the seller and my dad agreed it (be) a great deal. The next day, I (drive) to see the car and after I (test) the car, I (purchase) it.

I have a lot of memories that involve my Nissan Sentra. I will always cherish the eleven years I spent driving it. Now, it’s time to create new and different memories with my SUV.

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